iPhone Wallet For Holding Your Cash, Cards and Receipts


Do you keep track of how much you spend on a daily basis? Usually, I go to the store. Buy something. And the cashier asks me if I want the receipt.  I have the habit of saying “no”.  I’ll just see the charge on my statement.  Normal…

Sometimes the cashier doesn’t even hand me the receipt.  I just walk away.  All I hear is “$5.03” or whatever the cost is and just swipe.  Or give’em cash.  I don’t even think about KEEPING the receipt.  I  have no idea how much I’ve spent throughout the day and I’m wondering why I’m surprised when I check the number in my bank account  Bad habit.  I’m guilty of it.

Have you ever opened your bank account and had no idea what number you were about to see?  Me too…It sucks!  Just the feeling that I don’t know where the money that I’ve worked so hard for goes.

Do you have the same problem?  Do you think about this little leak? Well there’s a simple solution.

What if you had something that held your cash, cards, iphone and receipts all in one place?  That way, you can keep track of how much you’re spending all day. 

Knowing how much you’re spending and how much is in your bank is crucial to money management.  It’s a skill you must master!

With a holder that keeps all this together in one place, you’re bound to stay organized.  You’ll even see patterns in spending if you’re a geek like me and you’ll know what you can cut out to save more.  We both have habits and you won’t see yours until you have a clear way of seeing them. Daily.

And when tax time comes, you can easily take out the receipts that you’ve put in a separate folder and add up the total. 

Now you can be organized and know exactly how much you’re spending throughout the day. Making your life just that much easier.  Doing pretty much nothing except putting your cards, cash, receipts and iphone all in one place.  Plus, an additional folder to keep everything organized.  Easy!  

You’ll be a master of money, instead of money mastering you.

Imagine what your bank account will do for you when you get this holder and stay organized..What your later days will look like when you’re in control and you’re able to retire.

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