The Only Black Man Honored With a National Holiday...Had a Dream

Black man with with national honor


Why do some media hate and teach certain people to actually hate other certain people?


For example, some radio stations preach white men are the devil... And they spread that to millions of listeners... Yet the ONLY historically honored black man in America, loved everybody.  Every color and creed. He had a Dream.


He even has a National Holiday named after him.


That’s what honor is.  It’s carried and recognized by many generations to come because they STOOD for what was right.


Not what sold records or got views.


How about we take this time to follow real leaders, even the ones that are no longer with us....but their morals remain for eternity.


I promise and can even guarantee, what you preach Day in and Day out to a massive following that is usually uneducated, and just following and agreeing with what “sounds about right”. You will eventually see a major difference in the way people act and think.


Ya think stupid, you get stupid.


Ya think love, ya get love.


Get what you give.


That’s me calling them out on the media’s stupidity.


I would call it ignorance, but that would mean you unintentionally deliver your crap.


Stupid means you know the result and still do it.  So congrats. 👉🏼You can’t fix stupid’👏🏻Some comedian said that.



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